Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Petty Petition

The Petty Petition

I didn't begin this web journal to bewail any calls for ladies in the Catholic Priesthood! Genuine! Yet my fourth post was hastened by knowing about a request calling for it and (having once been an Anglican) my temper were raised. When its all said and done, I exited the Anglican "church" once I saw the magnificence of genuine Catholic Church - I thought I was getting away from any such debates.

I'm going to lay this to bunk now and trust in the Holy Spirit to guide the Church, as she has accomplished for a long time. To complete, I thought I'd post the content of Hilariter's reaction to this appeal, which appears to elucidate my gut response expertly.

(For Hilariter's late augmentations and elaborations on his contra dicta, please click here.)

Dear applicants

As a Catholic cleric appointed 15 years back and now doing further studies in Rome I might want to:

1. Assert my wholehearted backing for the antiquated practice of chastity for the presbyterate in the life of the Church

2. Assert my wholehearted backing for the upkeep of administrative chastity as a vital sign to the universe of the necessity of the Kingdom of God and the call of Jesus, of affection for Him and for His Church over other natural ties

3. Confirm my backing for abstinence as an order as well as a practice grounded in the sample of the Lord Himself, as a lifestyle that communicates the heart of the brotherhood as a complete giving toward oneself for the Church, as Christ provided for Himself absolutely for His one spouse - thus assert that there are great doctrinal and religious explanations behind this practice

4. Insist my wholehearted consent for the Church's conclusive showing concerning the reservation of the ceremony of Holy Orders to men alone

5. Insist my wholehearted consent to the greater part of the Church's teachings, not as "Vatican strategies", yet as the teachings of Jesus Christ who gave His instructing power to the Church's Magisterium

6. Insist my requests to God for the individuals who have left the organization to get hitched, yet my difference that they ought to be permitted again to dynamic religious service still wedded - such a move would be disheartening to the individuals who have attempted to keep up the swears up and down to they made at appointment and is an indication of an absence of appreciation to them

7. Belittle this request as an endeavor to further the society of difference in the Church, a dispute whose genuine nature is a refusal to accept thus is contradicted to the full demonstration of confidence, along these lines will benefit no yet will serve to support division in the Body of Christ

8. Recognize that there is in fact an emergency in the life of the Catholic Church, yet this has been brought about by dispute from the teachings of the Church, an absence of intensive Catholic catechesis, an absence of heavenliness and supplication to God in the life of the Church, an unwillingness to proselytize society with the totality of the Catholic Faith and a developing opposing secularism on the planet which contradict really advertises.

Yours in the Faith

Ladies and the ministry

Emulating my frenzy a few days ago when I saw the ludicrous Patten-appeal, I am delighted to get notification from such a large number of individuals who impart my (and the Pope's) sees on the subject of the appointment of ladies.

Truth be told, I am beginning to see the lighter side, after I discovered the above picture on the Catholic Londoner blog! How splendid!

Truth be told, this is the reason I chose to seek joint citizenship with the UK and the Blogosphere: in the first place, I needed to let off steam without continually getting into a contention! also furthermore, I needed to test whether I am crazy by checking whether any other individual on the planet imparts my insights. Also I'm satisfied to see I am not alone.

In this way, I now feel all warm inside. Like I've consumed a Yorkie bar...

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